Sufee is a Thai creative technologist and founder of Utopia Lab Studio  who specializes in immersive media storytelling. From 360 video to interactive AR/VR, motion capture performance and various new media art exploration, Sufee brings her work to life for commercial, documentaries, events, and exhibitions and has had the opportunities to work with company like  Meta and involved with Snap Inc. as Snap AR ambassador.
Sufee was granted scholarship to participate in the competitive spatial technology hackathon, 'MIT Reality Hack 2022', at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received funding from Goldsmiths University of London for her research in performing art technology with Pichet Klunchun Dance Company. As one of Bangkok VR/AR active members, Sufee invites  industry expert to speak at venues like Matdot Art Center and FabLab Bangkok.
With personal interest in education and creative technology, Sufee was previously a member of Edtech Asia group, participating as a volunteer organizing EdTech conference in Thailand and Vietnam.
She is actively engage with the community by hosting workshops and speaking at organizations and universities such as the Edinburgh Future Institute, the University of the Underground,  Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Goethe-Institut and more, her presentation reach  over 400 audiences each year.
2022 - Guest speaker on Utopia Lab, Edinburgh Future Institute
2022 - Mocap Streamer Residency, Goldsmiths University of London
2022 -  MIT Reality Hack 2022, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2022 - Pichet Klunchun Dance Company Mixed Reality Exhibition at Noble  
2022 - Guest Lecturer on Creative AR, RMUTT
2021 - Volumetric Thai Dance Offering, Pichet Klunchun Dance Company
2021 - Snap AR Lens Ambassador
2021 -  AR Art workshop, Silpakorn University
2021 - Art in Crisis time, Bangkok Art and Culture Center
2021 - BJM Thammasat University guest lecturing
2021 -  Red Summers 360, Bayete' Ross Smith - The Guardian US
2021 - Digital Technologies for Artistic Creativity and Research, Silpakorn
2021 - Mozilla Hubs Design and Development for Lunartic Dream and
Princess Kaguya Art Exhibition, The Japan Foundation Bangkok
2021 - Stories of Home VR illustration for movie, StoryCenter & California
Arts Council 
2020 - Winner team, Global AR Festival 'Lens Fest' Hackathon, Snap Inc.
2020 - 'Body Clock' Virtual Exhibiton, The Museum of Other Realities
2020 - Next Gen Content Creator Workshop, Pasch Goethe-Institut Thailand
2020 - VR Art and animation for Journalism Lecture, Thammasat University 
2020 - AR, VR Visual Art and storytelling workshop and lecture, Bangkok
2020 - Social media AR, ‘La clinique du queer’ exhibition, Maison Populair
Gallery, Montreuil, France
2020 - Snapchat Official Lens Creator
2020 - Guest Lecturer on Holographic Avatar, University of the
Underground, Netherland & United Kingdom
2020 - Immersive media storytelling trainer, Goethe-Institut Thailand
2019 - Community event organizer, “VR/AR ARTS AND VOLUMETRIC
STORYTELLING” by Vladimir Storm
2019 - Guest speaker, 'THE ART OF IMMERSIVE STORYTELLING' Unfolding
Kafka Festival, Goethe-Institut
2019 - Guest Lecturing on Extended Reality Art, Thammasat University
2019 - AR Project Manager, Thai Textile in Japan roadshow and exhibition
2019 - AR Project Manager, Jaspal x Orla Kiely AR activity campaign
2019 - Guest Lecturer, Augmented Reality Art, Bangkok University
2019 - Guest Lecturer, Creative Expression through XR Art, NHL Stenden
2019 - Guest Teacher, Emerging Technologies Workshop, Satree Julanark
2019 - Painting Performance : Tech for Tour
2019 - Workshop : Creative XR for Tourism, Tech for Tour
2019 - VR Painting for VOIZ Thailand commercial
2018 - Guest Lecture, XR Storytelling, School of Journalism and Mass
Communication, Thammasat University
2018 - VR Art Exhibited in ‘Art exposition in Virtual Reality and Augmented
Reality 2018', Alcañiz, Spain
2018 - Organizer, 2018 Thailand - Turkey Young Artists Competition
2017 - Illustrator and Graphic Designer, Infofed VR, Bangkok