Directed by Parul Wadhwa
360 Illustrations by Sufee Yama
Available on Oculus App Lab
(Please email to receive access key)
Recognizing the need to support immigrants and refugees in the midst of the fear and xenophobia that have gained political currency in the past decade, StoryCenter and Wellness in Action (a program of the East Bay nonprofit Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants) are partnering on Stories of Home. Together with other Bay Area networks and organizations providing services and advocacy for newcomers to refine new models for decolonizing storytelling and participatory media by engaging vulnerable immigrants and refugees in exploring their own unique narratives of “home” located in places, experiences, material objects, and feelings. Through storytelling, art-making, and video production workshops, we are creating safe spaces for participants to claim agency in sharing what is true for them, rather than sharing what they’ve come to believe audiences want to hear
Supported by California Arts Council and an anonymous family foundation in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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