In these unprecedented times, in which the universities are closed and their students are confined to their homes, tuition-free university and charity University of the Underground announces the launch of a new online programme, ‘From the Underground to the Cloud’Initially intended for a research bureau between Georgia and Holland titled ‘If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution’.
The repurposed programme bought together top experts in their fields such as Nelly Ben Hayoun, Zach Lieberman, Paola Antonelli, Tea Uglow, Moon Ribas, Nobumichi Tosa, Teun Castelein and more.
As part of opencall class from multidisciplinary artist, my workshop, Holographic Avatar gets participants to explore the production of hologram to create an avatar of themselves in the form of Augmented Reality that will work as a medium for their thought expression. Under the condition that physical gathering is impossible. The concept of this workshop is to adopt holographic communication as a telepresence tool to dissolve the impact physical distancing has on Performing art community and Dance culture  in the time of Coronavirus pandemic.