‘Goldsmiths Mocap Streamer’ is a software tool that was developed with AHRC funding to address the issues surrounding the isolation and physical distancing of Covid-19 restrictions, by first connecting dancers remotely through a framework for motion-capture data streaming, and then seeing what kinds of emotional, aesthetic, and affective connections could be made within virtual spaces. 
As part of the research, we took part as one of sixth selected team from around the world with  combination of creative technologists and dance companies.
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Sufee Yama & Pichet Klunchun Dance Company (Thailand) Ghrāṇa - Vijñāna A Thai contemporary remote performance that allows the audience to access the performers' internal space to witness memories and experiences that are triggered by scents, causing chaos to their mind and body. This metaverse dance experience will reveal their fight and struggle, and how the battle with themselves ends. Ghrāṇa - Vijñāna is Olfactory consciousness in buddhism.
Credit: Creative Technologist: Sufee Yama
Choreography: Julaluck Eakwattanapun, Tas Chongchadklang
Advisor: Pichet Klunchun
Concept development: Julaluck Eakwattanapun
Sound design: Tas Chongchadklang
Visual design: Sufee Yama, Juliah Champion